Vibrational Frequencies and the Spirits They Attract

As I was walking home today I came to think about entities/spirits and what types of people these different beings may be attracted to. I mentioned this topic briefly in another post but felt I would like to discuss it in a bit more detail. In the said previous post I talk about the coexistence of science and spirituality in an example of entities/spirits. I’ve mentioned that it’s said that demons or any sort of spirit which could classify as “evil” is of a lower vibrational frequency and angels or generally “good” spirits are of higher vibrations. In physics it is also said that when it comes to wavelengths and frequencies, a lower frequency can’t “survive” among higher frequencies and will either become a higher frequency itself or die down completely. One could apply this to people and what kind of spirits or entities they may attract to them.

As an example one could imagine a person who may not be completely at peace with themselves or has a lot or problems or issues. With these negative things in this person’s life it’s pretty much a given that said person will have a lot of negative energy surrounding them. Since the lower frequencies are associated with negativity, chances are that this specific person has a lower vibrational frequency. With all the above in mind, this persons surroundings would be inviting to the lower frequency spirits/entities allowing them to “survive” around this person. Perhaps in some extreme cases they could affect the person’s life in a severe negative way.

In another example one can imagine a person who is almost entirely at peace with themselves and may not really have any sort of major issues in life. This person is most likely to be surrounded by a lot of positive energy and therefore have a higher vibrational frequency. These people are probably most likely to attract “good” spirits/entities since the lower frequency spirits would presumably have a hard time “surviving” in this persons surroundings.

With these two examples given, I’m not saying it’s impossible for a person with a high vibrational frequency to encounter a demon or for a person with a lower vibrational frequency to encounter an angel. I guess what I’m trying to convey is that these are the types of spirits that I would believe would stick around these types of people.

Another thought on this subject that I had is the saying “to face ones demons”. This saying is pretty much referring to confronting ones problems. I feel that this saying really makes a lot of sense if you look at it in the same light of this post: problems cause negativity and negativity attracts demons (or other negative entities).

I guess to that’s all I have to say as of now on this subject.
Thanks for reading!

NOTE: I’m starting to notice a pattern in how I end my posts but I think it’s worth mentioning in the end: I do not claim to be an expert or have accurate information. I’m simply putting down my thoughts with some of my current knowledge. If you have anything to add or have any views on this subject, I would be more than happy to hear them!

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Seeing Spirits and Such…

I’ve always admired people who can see spirits, mainly because it’s something I personally can’t do but would really like to be able to. Today I was at a graveyard with one of my close friends and as we were walking she told me that there was a spirit following her. I asked her how she could tell and she told me that she could feel it on the back of her neck, that her hairs on her neck were standing up and that she could feel breathing.

A little later on she told me that she had seen my deceased mother at the hospital she passed at. She had visited my mother’s room with my older brother three years after her death. While they were in the room she told my brother that she thought she could see my mother and my brother was naturally sceptic since she had never seen our mother before. She then proceeded to accurately describe how she looked and said she looked happy sitting on the edge of the bed. Upon receiving this knowledge my brother started crying.

After talking a little more with my friend I’ve come to realise that she is very receptive to energies and spirits and such, ever since she was a little girl pretty much. I also found out that she had felt spirits in our house (we live together), this seems highly likely cause sometimes even I get the feeling that I can sense a presence. I usually feel that there’s something/someone in my room when I enter, especially at night. Perhaps what I’m feeling is the energy of all my crystals since I keep them in my room, but somehow I feel like there’s a presence rather than just crystal energy.

One more thing I would like to talk about in this post is that I sometimes feel like I “have wings” in some sort of sense. What I mean by this is obviously not physical wings but sometimes I just get the sensation that I have two giant white wings on my back. I usually get a strong sensation of this when I’m sad or crying. When this happens I usually feel them surrounding me and comforting me in a way.

Those were just a few things I felt like mentioning in a post. It could be worth to add that I’m no expert in any of these things, they’re just a few interesting thoughts I’ve had. If anyone is reading this and has anything to add or such feel free to post a comment with your views!

Thanks for Reading~

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Some thoughts on Spirituality…

So I don’t really know what it is that I want to write but here goes. It’s currently really late and I just kind of felt like writing so I’m going to do so…

Well I guess I could blabber on about some of my spiritual ideas since that’s a pretty big passion of mine. Where to begin… I guess the big question is what it is that I believe in. A funny question really since I don’t have a straight answer, frankly, I hardly even know myself. I guess I could start by saying that I think all the currently existing “big” religions are nor wrong or right. I guess I think every religion has small parts of some sort of ultimate truth. Due to my beliefs of this I currently own a Quran which I intend to read and I also plan on reading the bible eventually.

One thing I would like to say though is that I believe that atheism is pretty “close-minded” in some sort of sense. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally see where an atheist may come from and it’s completely logical to need proof (mainly scientific) for things to believe in. I just believe thinking in such a way limits the possibilities for an individual. When it comes to science and spirituality, I think they work together rather than against each other. I guess one example of their coexistence could be frequencies when speaking of energies in form of entities/demons/angels or similar things, in physics I’ve been told that a low frequency cannot “survive” around higher frequencies and instead will disappear or change into a higher frequency. Spiritually speaking I’ve read that “evil” entities are usually of lower frequency and “good” entities are of the higher frequencies. Therefore it’s reasonable that a generally negative person will have a lower frequency and allow “evil” energies and entities to survive in their surroundings. However, a positive person would have a higher vibrational frequency and therefore it would be harder for any sort of lower vibration to survive in their presence.

On the topic of entities/ multidimensional beings and such things, do I believe these exist? I’m unsure on my views of this but I think that it’s highly likely. The reason why I don’t have a yes or no answer on this is because I have not experienced any sort of encounter with such a being personally, but it is pretty hard to hear other people’s stories and see the similarities and just discard their tales as gibberish. Also, I like to think I am a pretty open-minded individual who never discards knowledge, but just because I don’t throw it away doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe everything I hear either. Keeping this in mind my views on entities and such will stay as they are as of now until I may or may not encounter an occasion in the future. To be honest, I would actually enjoy to experience something of this nature since I think it all seems like a pretty cool concept.

Something I do believe in though is energies. I have been able to feel different energies in crystals, chakras and even reading the energy of a room upon entering it. I actually had my first sort of realisation that I truly believed in crystal energy specifically after picking up a Selenite stone in my hand for the first time. What I felt was a pleasant tingling in my fingertips as I was washed over with a feeling of tranquillity. Ever since that day I carry crystals with me everywhere and watch as their energy changes my surroundings and also my view of the things in my presence. I also use some stones to help heal certain areas in my life and I feel that it really works. Perhaps it could be placebo, although it definitely doesn’t feel that way. But if it works, who is to say that it should be stopped?

Moving on to energy in the form of chakras, I could definitely see this being true. It is said that there is seven bodily points of energy with a flow between them and these points are called chakras. Each chakra steers different areas of a person and I can say that from personal experimentation in form of meditation, I can definitely feel these different points in my body and the energy that flows within them. I mentioned “feeling the energy of a room upon entering it” and I’m pretty sure many others have been able to do this too. What I mean by this is that sometimes when entering a room where for example a fight has just taken place, one can usually feel the tension in the air and I think this tension could relate to energies.

An interesting thought that crossed me the other day was that I feel as though people “exchange” energy as they hang out. I was talking to a friend about this and she asked me to give an example and I thought it came out pretty well. I proposed a scenario to her where a generally negative person was having a conversation with a generally positive person. I drew a conclusion that I gathered from a biology class some time ago that “nature always seeks balance” and therefore the energies flowing between these two people would naturally seek a balance, sort of like a battery with a positive and negative side. I proceeded to explain that I thought that through this “balancing” process the negative person would gain some of the positive person’s energy and the positive person would gain some of the negative energy. I think this is what people are referring to when they speak of an “energy-thief”.

Getting pretty tired now so I guess I’ll end it there. If you have anything to add or have any questions feel free to post them. NOTE: I am not claiming that I am any sort of expert on any of this, these are just some thoughts I have on this topic. If I got anything wrong, I’d be more than happy to hear what you have to say!

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